Monday, June 13, 2011

eBook Collaboration

I like to get things done. So, when Professor Burton asked every member of the marketing team to find 20 individuals to whom we could market our eBook, I was all over it.

Wait. Twenty? That's a lot.

After experiencing a moment of flustration (no, that is not a typo), I got to work. First, I thought about people I actually know, in the flesh, who might care about this eBook. The list was minimal. Then it was time to explore my online contacts that I have met through my collaboration particularly through this class. While I tried all term to reach out to individuals through the internet, this list, too, was minimal.

Time for a Google blog search. Turns out, lots of people are saying lots of things about eBooks. Specifically, there is a vast array of blogs on the use of eBooks in education. After several searches related to eBooks, education, and technology, I was able to find many potential readers. Potential readers who might even get pretty excited about what we're doing.

And then there was Diigo. Diigo was a goldmine of people who care about this stuff (naturally, since it's such a technology-rich environment). I was able to find several potential contacts whose interests, based on their bookmarks, perfectly align with the objectives of this class: collaboration, eBooks, education, literature, writing in the digital age; many were interested in these topics almost exclusively.

So, with those searches, a few homies, and a couple of teachers, I successfully found 20 potential readers for our eBook. Twenty plus one--me. Currently, our list of potential readers is at 155. Many of those readers are active online, sharing what they learn and what they read. All of those readers have homies. This eBook could really go places.

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