Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Illustrator Israel Sanchez's Response

Here is Mr. Sanchez's response to my e-mail. I am incredibly impressed by his generosity and his understanding of the importance of collaboration. What a wonderful, professional artist.

I thought I'd go ahead and provide just a taste of Mr. Sanchez's work. I'll provide more of his art and analyze the significance of his artistic contribution to (or remix of) Where the Red Fern Grows in posts to come.


  1. That is great Amy! I love that you provided his response and a sample of his work, with his permission. That definitely encourages me and other members of the class to try and contact someone about our books.

  2. Congrats, Amy! That's so cool. I also want to say that by pasting in a screen shot of your conversation, it really made it alive. I like that. Ira Glass (radio producer) tells students that an essential part of any story is to keep a part of the interview in which YOU are speaking, even if it's just a snippet. I think your image does the same function--the reader feels like they are reading YOUR email inbox, and it makes it more alive than if you had just copied the text into your post. Great job!