Friday, May 27, 2011

Visual Arts and James Joyces' Dubliners

  • I'm going to use MLA Bibliography in order to research any visual arts associations with James Joyce's Dubliners to help classmate Ashley Nelson with her research.
  • I'm using MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography, a "detailed bibliography of journal articles, books, book chapters and dissertations."
  • I did a simple search on the MLA site with the phrase Dubliners AND "visual arts." This search only pulled up two results, but I considered that a good thing.
  • Loss, Archie. "Seeing is Believing: Literate Visuals and Visual Literacy." Pennsylvania English 14.2, Spring-Summer 1990. 14-27. Web. 27 May 2011.
  • I actually could not access the actual article for this source, but it could be available through interlibrary loan. I am confident in the relevance of this source by the descriptors associated with it. The descriptors for this article that are relevant to my search are "James Joyce, Dubliners, relationship to visual arts, and pedagogical approach."
  • Ashley Nelson is diving into Dubliners, hoping to view it from various perspectives. A pedagogical perspective is one interesting way to look at a book, and because visual arts in the classroom is something that has come to interest me, and she helped me find a source for my research, I thought this would be of interest to her.

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